Who We Are

Info_Elimu is a platform which integrates Information Technology and GSM technology to bridge the communication barrier between parents and teachers. With the vast growth of technology the means of communicating and sharing of information has been more simplified and made cheaper.Info_Elimu aims at using this advantage to enhance the communication between Parents and Teachers.

The general development of a student is improved when parents and teachers collectively work together to monitor the academic performance and behavior of the student. The end of semester reports is a currently used method in communication between parents and teachers. With this method, parents will have to wait until the end of semester, parents meeting or even when there is a serious misconduct of a student to get informed. With reports there are a lot of delays involved in case of any misconduct which was to be addressed on time, containing less information or even not reaching to parents.

Our Mission

Info_Elimu focuses on the ability of parents to make follow up on their children’s education progress by enabling teachers to send SMS, timely informing parents about posted results, attendance, sports and games, opening and closing school schedule and behavioral conduct.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be major stakeholders in Tanzanian education system by ensuring timely communication between parents and teachers for better future generation.